The genre of hard rock music has been developing and transforming for the past 50 years.

The Winnipeg based 4-piece Dark Mourning has fused the best of the past of the hard rock and metal scenes into a sound all their own.

The band members have been major players in the Canadian metal scene for years, bonding together and making an impact: creating something from nothing that resonates with listeners.

The dynamic energy and power of each band member is unleashed LIVE - Dark Mourning's brand of Shock and Awe ignites a chain reaction in their audience, pulling them into the groove and refusing to let them go until the last note refrains.

The collateral damage of the band's energetic force of nature has taken shape in a rapidly growing fanbase.

In 2016, they released a music video for “Devour," their first single off of their self titled debut.

It reached MTV Europe gaining some airplay and a new audience, and the European Conquest Tour followed with stops throughout Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands to support their inaugural release.

Upon their return home, Dark Mourning returned to the studio to finish writing and recording their follow up release "Warface", including the release of a brand new video for their second single, "Dying Light" in 2018.

2019 found Dark Mourning pacing their live schedule with new material released at each show, a true give and take engagement with their fan base.

Dark Mourning has set their sights on major shows, festivals and a second European tour for fall of 2020 to catapult this dynamic band to the top of the hard rock scene.


Are you ready?


They are.


Prepare to wake up to a Dark Mourning!